What people have said...

"Paul was recommended to me through a friend. I knew I needed to change my exercise and eating habits as my weight was really starting to get me down which affected my mood overall.  Before starting my course with Paul I hardly exercised and always made excuses not to go to the gym, I didn’t sleep properly and I would eat food that was convenient and not fresh and my portion sizes could have fed a small family!  Now I eat fresh healthy food until I’m satisfied, I try to go to the gym or workout every day and my fitness has never been better which is great feeling. Seeing Paul every week significantly helped with my motivation to work out and the short HIIT sessions are really helpful when you can’t get to the gym and my 6 year old joined in at times too!  Paul also keeps in regular contact with you throughout the week which is good to get you motivated when you’re having down days. One of the things I enjoyed about the weekly sessions is doing the workouts together and getting me back into running which is one exercise I really enjoy. Paul is very knowledgeable about foods and completing a food diary every week really helped me understand exactly what I was eating every day! I was a little frustrated at the start as I expected to make a drastic change to my diet and exercise routine but looking back this was the best way to get started as I think I would have gone back to old habits if I had to make massive changes all at once.  Changing things slowly has helped me still keep on track 7 months on and I have lost a total of 14kg since my initial consultation! Do it you won’t regret it!" Gemma

"I have previously tried every diet several times over and failed. I have been overweight for much of my adult life. Paul was my last hope. He taught me how to eat healthily without feeling like I was dieting. He re-educated me on eating sensibly and provided me with the encouragement I needed to get walking again, something I missed very much.

As a result I had more energy, felt happier and this had a knock on effect on my positivity and motivation. My blood pressure came down, I was no longer a pre-diabetic, I lost weight and inches, improved my hydration levels and general health.  Without Paul I could have full blown diabetes. He has trained my mind to think differently and this is a lifetime tool. I would recommend Paul's services to anybody." Cath 

"Thank you so much Paul, you have helped me loads and I really couldn't have done it without you. I didn't ever think I would be able to run and start eating healthy either, but you helped me through it and you motivated me so much. I have now passed my police fitness test thanks to you. I appreciate all your help so much. I can't thank you enough!!" Kiren

"The continuous support from Paul helped me a lot, I wouldn’t have kept this up without Paul. When I found out my dad was ill he was with me every step of the way.He didn’t put any added pressure on me and got me some counselling support. The programme has given me so much confidence about myself and my relationship with my partner has improved dramatically. You get 100% from Paul and he works at your pace and would never put too much pressure on you. It will change your life for the better!" Lee

"I realised I needed to improve my health and lose weight, but was frustrated by different diets. During my initial consultation, Paul made me feel very relaxed and explained how he could tailor his services to meet my needs. Paul has been so encouraging and motivating and never pushed me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with. Since working with Paul I have totally changed my eating habits and the perception of my own health has improved. I have lost weight and 14.5 inches whilst still being able to enjoy social events. I would highly recommend Paul!" RY